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Dynamik Technologies Sdn. Bhd

Established in 2001, Dynamik Technologies focuses and thrives in creating impact in businesses and
communities through its focus in Design Thinking, Digital Solutions, Digital Workspaces as well as Digital
Assets. Today, as the largest Bruneian IT company with experience in delivering and managing more than ten
national projects, it has a 90% local team of more than 200 IT professionals with global certifications.
With this capability, Dynamik Technologies continues to help clients achieve transformation goals through
strategy and technology consulting, data analytics, software development and maintenance, project and
change management, IT outsourcing as well as technical infrastructure.

  • Industry: Information Technology, Business Services
  • Country of Origin: Brunei Darussalam
  • Services: Data Services, Low-Code Solutions, Consultancy, Software Development,
    Business Analysis

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